Cinnamon Raisin

from Fife Bakery

I went to Fife twice before actually getting in. Notably, Fife is a bakery that doesn't open before 9am. After trying their bread I realized they don't need to open before 9am.
This mid November saturday morning the low fall light fell through my blinds. I owed it to myself to experience this pocket of sun as it was preceeded by a week of Vancouver gray.
I saw multiple bright puffers tucked under arms as I made my way towards Mount Pleasant. I delayered as well. Today was reminiscent of late september warmth.
There was a line outside of Fife when I landed around 9:30am. After a short wait I made my way into the cozy interior. Regulars occupied the limited seating areas and chatted with the barista. When I inquired, she recommended that I try the cinnamon raisin loaf, one of their seasonal offerings.
A dark chocolate sourdough.
Rating: 8/10 Toasters
I tore off some chunks of this on the walk home. The crumb was warm, doughy and delicious. I made french toast with it the next morning. This was definitely denser than French toast that you would make with a brioche, but I found the raisins made up for it.
I will be going back to Fife. I'm sure their line will be shorter on a weekday morning.